Clean Eating, Surfers Breakfast

Raw Chocolate Granola

The most important meal of the day is breakfast, everyone knows that!

Before you go surfing it’s a good idea to have a proper brekky full of healthy carbs that will keep you going for a while when you’re in the water.

To be fully prepared for a good surf session, have some coconut yoghurt with this magical pre surf raw chocolate granola for extra paddle power.

Topped with banana this is the perfect energy source you’ll need. Here is the amazing recipe; you will need a dehydrator or an oven that you can put on a very low temperature.


☼ 3 cups of sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat berries

☼ 3 medjool dates

☼ 1 tbsp raw cocoa

☼ 1 cup soaked, mixed nuts (I used pecan, walnut, cashew and sunflower seed)

☼ 1 banana

☼ a dash of cinnamon

☼ a dash of sea salt

☼ little bit of water

Of course you can add anything you like, I think shredded coconut would be nice with this mix too, or some pumpkin seeds. Basically, I just used the above because it was in my kitchen!


Put the soaked nuts in a kitchen machine and chop them up. Put them in a bowl and leave them for later.

Now put the dates, cocoa, banana, cinnamon, sea salt and a little bit of water in your kitchen machine and pulse till you get a nice, creamy chocolate cream. If the cream is not sweet enough, you can add raw honey, stevia or any other sweetener you like.

Add the chocolate cream to the shredded nuts and put the buckwheat berries in the mix too. Stir until well combined and spread the mixture on the teflex covered trays of your dehydrator (or on your oven tray lined with baking paper). Dehydrate until crispy, I usually make this in the evening and it will be ready in the morning. If you are using the oven, set the temp on 48 degrees or lower.

Once crispy, grab a nice bowl and combine the raw granola with your favorite plant based mylk, plant based yoghurt or smoothie. Finish of with some sliced banana and other toppings such as chia seeds, shredded coconut or fresh fruit.

Enjoy and surf your brains out!

Dutch / English Niki Liskov is no lifestyle guru, hot surfer girl, militant vegan or rigid yogi. She does however happen to love the good life, is a surf teacher, does not like to hurt animals and the planet and enjoys a good stretch. On her blog & instagram she gives us a glimpse of her daily life. Nikis blog:

Instagram: @_liskov_

By Niki Liskov. 

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