Yoga from Philly J Lewis. Animal UK.


[Philly tells us…]

‘The physical side to yoga expels toxins, re-energizes the body, increases mobility, posture, brings relief to many chronic conditions, creates stronger bones and helps matain a healthy weight and lifestyle…

Mentally, the breathing relaxes the mind, helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout the body, lowers stress level, promotes a feeling of peace, improves focus and concentration, and helps to stay centred throughout life.’

Phillly Lewis is a yoga teacher, freelance photographer, surfer, wanderer and just an absolutely beautiful person inside and out.

We met through being involved with The Wave Project, a charity who teach individuals to surf who suffer from anxiety and mental health, using surfing as a therapy.

Philly is based in Cornwall sponsored by Animal UK. Philly is constantly travelling for her love of work and sharing her passions whilst working with many established brands.

[Morocco and Costa Rica…]

Philly and her partner Alan Stokes (sponsored surfer) are running Surf & Yoga Retreats in Morocco and Costa Rica. Take a peek here.

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