Could you live a week or more Offline…?

Offline Surf & Yoga Retreat, Portugal

Do you have the willpower to disconnect from the world of technology? Ahhh that would be absolute bliss.

Sometimes it is difficult to switch off, I am guilty of it too but when I am Surfing or partaking in a Yoga session, my mind retreats to another world, a quiet world…

What if you could do just that with professional Yoga and Surfing tuition in lovely warm climates?

OFFLINE Portugal launches “Disconnect to Reconnect” retreats in a guesthouse by the West Coast of the Algarve.

“Disconnect to Reconnect” offers holidays with yoga, surf, hiking and music – if you dare to hand in your smartphone at check-in!

The beautiful eight-bedroom house with a pool offers activities to help people socialise without gadgets or the Internet. Guests can participate in surf and yoga classes by day, with music jam sessions in the evenings. This includes meditation exercises where they can connect with others or simply just dance, read a book or play board games.

The OFFLINE Portugal project began in London, UK, where founders Bárbara and Rita met six years ago. The brand promotes the offline concept applied to different scenarios.

The first project, the OFFLINE House by Arrifana beach in Portugal’s south west coast is now taking bookings from March, just before the Easter holidays. Book here:

“People were staring at their phones on trains and buses, in restaurants and bars, or as they walked toward us on the street,” Bárbara says about her time in London.

…“Gadgets started controlling people’s lives, including our own. The lack of face-to-face interaction in a city with millions of people pushed us to do something about it.”

…Passionate about their home country and travelling, the two friends decided to quit their 6- year jobs in the UK and move to the quiet West Coast of the Algarve region in Portugal.

Both founders acknowledge that the business of digital detox is expanding. “Our long-term goal is to create a national and even international offline community that helps them see the value of disconnecting from technology in a moderate way in order to reconnect with the real life and people around them,” Rita describes.

Contact: Bárbara Miranda & Rita Gomes (Founders) +44 7824 511821 +44 7812 519677


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