When will I surf again? I am burning that stupid skateboard.

Firstly I’d like to apologize for the lack of blogging recently… I have been busy, busy gaining a new job (yay), busy surfing (a lot) and learning how to skate ramps.

Secondly, I should never have ‘learnt’ how to skate ramps…

I have been having so much fun in a new area, meeting new friends who love boardsports just as much as me, most of them much better at it than me.

It was finally getting warmer so I could wear my 4:3 suit and leave it to dry outside ready for the second surf of the day or the following morning…

I was progressing with skating skate parks in Croyde and Ilfracombe with friends, so much fun, especially in the sun!

I’d got the perfect job working flexibly and remotely from home, set up my desk in my room with a sea view. I was the happiest I had been for a long time.

However, something happened which changed my mood completely, [Dun dun dunnn]…

Every Wednesday night, the local church (Calvary church, Woolacombe) opens their doors at 8:30pm and lets anyone skate the half pipe (yes, a skate ramp in a church!). It is heaps of fun; skate, chat, watch others skate, skate some more… The only thing is, it can be slightly intimidating when there’s a ton of people watching you skate, especially when you’re as terrible at it as me.

On July 13th, I dropped in to the ramp around 4 or 5 times, loving it and progressing each time… I think it was the 5th time, I was getting tired and said to myself ‘I’ll just go one more time and then I’ll leave’.

Why didn’t I just leave at 4 times? 

I dropped in and got to the coping on the other side, my front foot slipped and my ankle twisted inwards. To make it worse, my whole body weight fell onto my already twisted ankle! *Crunch*. I couldn’t move it because of the pain… Since then, I haven’t moved it.

I didn’t go to hospital until the afternoon after as I thought it was probably just a sprain and everyone was telling me there’s not a lot they can do with a sprain. However, as my foot began to balloon and swell up to the approx size of an ELEPHANT, I sent a photo to my Radiologist and surfer friend- Ruth. She ordered me to get to the hospital right away. So I did.

Turns out I’ve broken a bone in my Tibia and damaged all my ligaments and muscles which are the strength of my poor poor ankle.


The first thing that came to me was ‘When will I surf again?!’ ‘I’m burning that stupid skateboard!’ … I couldn’t help but ball my eyes out.

Normally, when I’m fed up about something or just need to relax and feel better I’d go for a surf or even just a paddle/swim- WHAT WILL I DO NOW? For At least 2-3 months!

Go back to my parents for some TLC! That is exactly what I need and is exactly what I have done. They came 6 hours from North Wales to Devon and picked me up. As shit as it was leaving my perfect life in the perfect place… It was not perfect with a broken ankle…

I went into the North Wales hospital thinking it was going to be a routine check up, I had another X-Ray and the Dr came to talk to me and said I need an operation where they will manipulate the break and put screws in my ankle- I freaked out! An operation?! Surely this will set my recovery time back again! This added on an extra 2 weeks to my 6-8 weeks prison sentence and that’s without physio.




I had my op the day before my birthday and was in two nights- At least I can say, I got plastered &&& Screwed on my birthday. Har Har.

Excuse me whilst I go an scoff my face with more chocolate and watch my next episode of Orange is the new Black.


Next post: Positivity & how I’m keeping sane!


K R I S S E A 🌊



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