Keeping sane with an injury stopping you from doing what you love!

It is official. I can’t stop eating chocolate.

I am going to become a fat whale with one REALLY lairy, skinny heg (hairy leg). I’ll be this un-salted, dried up prune from a lack of sea water in my life…

After a few days of seriously feeling sorry for myself and the need of manning up, I started to see the funny side and I began to smile again 🙂

Positive thoughts.

At least I was doing something worth a broken ankle & I didn’t just fall down [or up] a curb. However, everyone seems to laugh or lose sympathy when I admit to what I was doing.

I was not drunk.

It most definitely, 100% could be worse! It is only a broken ankle, one ankle not two.

It is only TEMPORARY.

It gives me a chance to rest and reflect  [and do lots of internet shopping]. I love ordering online because when they arrive, it feels like a present from me to me.

I can get creative and arty again- I’ll become Woolacombe’s full time [amateur] surf photographer.

I will gain super strong shoulder muscles- pow, take that paddle out like a boss when I’m back! I honestly thought that I was going to fall on my face the first time I tried to use crutches- it is my new sport, I can now go up and down stairs.

It helped me to realise who my true friends are. I have amazing friends! I love you, I love you.

(Friends offering to get a bucket of sea water and poor it into my bath or put me on their shoulders whilst they skate to the beach- definitely a no go guys).

Quality time with my mum because she has no choice in the matter.

‘Cup of tea Krissie?’ Have you ever tried hopping with a cup of tea? DON’T!

Breakfast in bed.

It will FEEL SO SOooOo Damn good when I go for a swim after months out and it will feel even better when I catch a wave again 😀 (holy shit)! #waveappreciationsociety.

I have lots of time to research into the best surf destinations in the world AND book them.


I miss you ocean… See you soon xoxo


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