Oops I did it again…!

So… I’ve done it again! I can’t believe it.

I have bought yet another item online. This.is.ridiculous.

This time it’s worse, well it isn’t worse, it’s actually the most beautiful thing I have ever purchased since having a broken ankle…

I just ordered a CUSTOM MADE SURFBOARD, hand crafted by Hugh Brockman – B.O.S. Surfboards, based in Cornwall.

Here’s what I ordered and why:

6’10 x 22 x 3, nice width, thickness and volume so it will be stable and a wave catching machine!

I’m going with a 2+1 fin set up rather than the thruster fin set up- the 2+1 will make it more like a mini longboard! Hugh said that this means, with practise I can put my toes on the nose 😉

6’10 & able to ride it with a single fin if I wanted, it really will be like a mini longboard! Perfect for my level.

I chose my favourite colours- Turquoise at the top 2/3 of the way down and then purple swirl (as seen on featured image for this post) for 1/3 of the tail.

— Let me know if you want one and I’ll put you in touch with the main man himself!


Yup, I will soon have 3 surfboards and that is totally acceptable. As my friend Mari just pointed out- it is an addiction. (She bought one from Hugh yesterday).

Pro surfers have like 30 or more! In fact Hugh said he has 20 and one of our friends has an airing cupboard full of boards because his living room is full of them already! Most of his are B.O.S.S boards too.

It’s like a tennis player with their tennis balls. That’s us but with our wetsuits & boards… I have 6 suits now, one for each season & soon I’ll have a board to go with each wetsuit!

I can’t even surf for a few months (or very well in general) but it is giving me something to be stoked about! &&& I love that it is locally made and not mass produced 🙂

I was thinking I’d sell one of my boards to pay for the new one but that isn’t going to happen, let’s be honest! That’s like saying ohhhh I won’t need that old pair of vans! Don’t be silly!

(currently working on having a pair of vans in each colour of the rainbow).

The nurse just said it will probably be October I can surf again not November- WOO a bit of good news!



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