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Beach lover and travelling enthusiast, Candy Tomkins and her amazing new venture.

I met Candy whilst being involved with a charity called The Wave Project which provides free surf lessons to individuals with disabilities. The moment I met Candy I could tell she was full of life and ambition…

Candy disappeared off travelling over the winter (2015) and came back with this awesome new idea which has become very popular with people all over the UK!

Candy’s soul is fuelled by a contagious desire to travel to new destinations and gather new experiences. Candy has spent the last 8 years or so traveling to far-flung destinations; always on the search for a new ‘happy place’. Her free-spirited nature has taken her on journeys on and off the beaten path and  adventures in surfing, wild swimming, cycling, kayaking; not forgetting the countless coconuts and cocktails!

We interviewed Candy to get to know her and the brand a little more 🙂

How did you first think of becoming a business woman?  What inspired you?

I guess I first discovered having my own ‘business’ when I was about 15. I started making my own jewellery out of acrylic and sold it on Myspace ( I feel old!) . By the time I had got to uni I had a few stockists around the country and I realised how amazing it felt to be doing something for yourself. The first time I received cash in the post for an order was a huge confidence boost and that has stuck with me ever since. Seeing other people working for themselves is always a huge inspiration – my dad has always worked for himself and so I think I have had it instilled at me from a young age.

How did you come up with the name Soi 55?

Last year I had fallen into a bit of a rut…I didn’t really have anything to complain about but I simply wasn’t happy with what I was doing with my life and I needed a new project. I sent myself on my usual winter jaunt but this time with a happiness project in mind. It was in an apartment in Bangkok I came up with the idea to start a lifestyle brand and Soi 55 was the name of the road my apartment was on.

Who is your favourite designer and why?

This is a toughie as there is so many brilliant maker/designers I’ve been following. I’m a huge fan of Wanderlust Life – I just love all her branding and I cannot stop buying necklaces!

What makes Soi55 special and stand out from the rest?

There are a tonne of amazing and inspiring lifestyle brands out there and I love coming across new ideas and concepts which has helped me shape my own. My spin on Soi 55 is that it is ‘travel sourced & inspired’ . I have dedicated my life so far to travel and new experiences and that’s what I want to get across with the brand. I would like the brand and blog to inspire people to ‘do more of what makes you happy’ and offer unique fashion and lifestyle products from around this amazing world!

So you surf… Where’s your favourite surf spot in the big wide world?

Yes I started surfing about 14 years ago and it is this I owe to many of my travel escapades. My favourite wave is probably Periscopes in Sumbawa but I’ve been lucky to have some epic waves and adventures in North and South Sumatra too!
Do you have another job along side the business?

I do! I am a part time surf instructor for the amazing charity Wave Project in Cornwall. But I’m also a freelance graphic designer and marketing lady for a few local (and far) companies. My aim is to be able to work from all over the World!

Have you got anything exciting in the pipeline we should know about?

Our AW16 collection is just around the corner which I am so excited to release. But also Soi 55 has a few winter trips planned which will include product development and probably a bit of surfing too 😉 Watch this space!

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Find out more from the links below! There is currently a sale on too! woohoo!


 Thanks Candy! xoxo


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