Tired of your bikini falling off in the surf? We have a solution #keepyourboobsin


Stien and I have been friends for a while now and I am constantly inspired by her motivation for her business. I am always excited to see which new brand she brings to her website and every single brand, I fall in love with!

Stien aims to bring comfortable and supportive surf bikinis and leggings to women who like to be active in and out of the water. To keep them confident whatever shape or size. The aim is to offer independent labels who keep their heart close to the sport they love, designed by women for women and to choose quality over quantity.

Surf girls and yogi ladies, be prepared to fall in love…

First though, let’s get to know the lady herself…

Hi Stien! How did you first think of becoming a business woman? What inspired you?

After finishing my Physical Education degree in 2008 I went travelling for a few years, working in different countries on the way. I have always struggled with deciding what I wanted to do in life when it came to jobs (I still don’t really know). I believe you work to live, not live to work so I was never interested in high pay checks, as long as I was happy with what I did and it offered a great work/life (or should I say surf) balance that was great.  But after moving to Wales I struggled finding such a job. The idea of starting my own business grew and seeing friends take the big step and becoming very successful made me decide to have a go.

How did you come up with the name Seafoam?

I wanted a direct link to the ocean, and in the end that is what surfing is all about; the waves break and you ride ahead of the lush Seafoam. It is also in the Seafoam that the ladies usually struggle to keep their swimwear in place, so it links to the surf bikinis and leggings that you can buy in our store.

What makes Seafoam stand out from the rest?

Seafoam stocks surf bikini and active wear brands from all over the world, most of these brands weren’t available in Europe before.  They would have to be shipped in by the customer and subject to import VAT and duty, making them even more expensive to the customer. With Seafoam I would like to bring these brands closer to European surf women. By buying from Seafoam you support small businesses here in the UK, Europe and abroad. These brands are not big multinationals but designers who keep their heart close to the sport they love so much.

Who is your favourite designer and why?

This is a very hard question, and I couldn’t answer with just one designer.

I very much love all the designers I stock and I am 100% behind their products.

All the designers are female designers who love to surf and know exactly what other women need to keep them covered in the water. This is the advantage of running your own business, you can select and decide every aspect, I also test products myself. More designers are now starting to use eco friendly recycled fabrics so I love them even more for that. 

Where’s your favourite surf spot in the big wide world? 

Another tough question to answer.

I used to live and work in French Polynesia, so my very favourite spot would be the pass in Tikehau. Before I moved to Pembrokeshire (so many beautiful spots here) in Wales, I used to live in the Gower and absolutely loved surfing Rhossili, winter or summer, sitting out in the line-up there is just breath taking!  In the winter the sun sets into the ocean behind you and I really feel overwhelmed by nature’s beauty.

Do you have another job along side the business?

Yes, unfortunately I am not able to work full time on Seafoam yet. Next to Seafoam, I work as a supply teacher. This gives me the flexibility to concentrate on Seafoam during busy periods.

Have you got anything exciting in the pipeline we should know about?

The first delivery of Salt Gypsy that landed a few weeks ago and I would say all the new 2017 collections that I am ordering at the moment are exciting!

Monique Rotteveel, has a new collection under her new brandname Monique Rotteveel® for 2017. 

The new collection is available for pre-order now and it is looking awesome once again!! There are a few more exciting plans but I can’t give any more detail about them just yet. All news will of course be updated on the newsletter, our website and social media, so make sure you give Seafoam a follow.

Who are your ambassadors?

Seafoam has 2 British ambassadors: Emily Currie, English Longboard champion and currently competing in the WSL qualifying series and Niamh Mathias, winner of the Rip Curl Grom Search last year and recently became second in the British School Championships U18 and will be competing in the World Junior Championships in Azores. I am very proud to be supporting both very talented young surfers with a great surfing future ahead of them.

Your instagram and blog links are…?

Website: www.seafoamsurf.com

Instagram: @seafoam_surf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seafoamsurf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/seafoamsurf

Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/seafoamsurf

Discount code: Use ‘KRISSEA’ at checkout and get -10% off all orders. Valid until: 15/10/16



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