I found something really special…

I am completely obsessed with turquoise. Mainly because it reminds me of the ocean but also because it looks so gorgeous matched with silver and looks stunning as jewellery…

what girl doesn’t like jewellery?
Silversmith, Kendall Cutmore agrees! I came across her Instagram account about a week ago and fell in love with her handmade jewellery. I just felt the need to write to ensure everyone hears about her and her jewellery!
We interviewed her a few days ago to find out more…
Hi Kendal! What inspired you to become a business woman?
I took a silversmith course purely because it interested me and found I loved it and wanted to create more pieces for others to wear. I don’t really think of myself as a business woman. 
How did you create the name ‘Follow The Wild Path’? 
It had to be something with roots to nature, free & wild.  I was at the beach with my sketchbook drawing ideas and it popped into my head. 
what or who inspires you the most?
I’d have to say most of my inspiration comes from Native American Jewellery and that’s where my love for turquoise jewellery comes from.  I follow a lot of amazingly creative artists from all walks of life and one that stands out to me the most is Ashley Weber. She is a huge inspiration, not just in the work but mind too. Her blogs are an inspiration and motivation to keep on goin’ even when the goin’ gets tough. 
What makes your pieces unique and stand out from the rest?
I’m still finding my way but it’s unique, handmade and because I use natural turquoise each stone is different, you don’t see a lot of that in the UK. 


Do you surf?  Where’s your favourite beach?
I don’t surf (yet) just bodyboard. I live in Norfolk and our coast line is stunning, my favourite spot is Horsey Gap beach.  My favourite beach I have visited outside of the UK would have to be Agonda, Goa. I can’t even put into words how that place made me feel.
Do you have any sporty passions?
Horse riding! Riding in wide open spaces, in the Norfolk country side is where you’ll find me at my happiest. 
Do you have another job along side of  silversmithing?
Yes. As much as I’d like to be Silversmithing full time I currently need to be in full time employment. 
Have you got anything exciting coming up?
I’ve got a few commissions I’m working on at the moment but after that I plan to start on a collection I’ve got some little ideas for.
Social media links:
Quote ‘KRISSEA’ when you order for a 10% discount 🙂

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