An eco-friendly lifestyle brand- my favourite!

DAISYV Jewellery

I was introduced to Daisy and her silver jewellery through a friend’s Instagram, this friend being Philly Lewis (photo below is her wearing a DAISYV necklace)…

philly .jpg

I fell in love with the simple yet beautiful designs Daisy uses for her collection of bangles, necklaces and rings, probably because of my love of the ocean and mountains!

Daisy likes to be near the ocean and will surf but snowboarding in the mountains holds her heart more than anything. For this reason, her designs for her silver jewellery are inspired by the mountains and the ocean.

‘The DAISYV brand is about embracing adventure, following your dreams and living inspired.’

What makes them even better? For every single DAISYV product sold, a donation is made  (enough to plant one tree) to aid permanent reforestation projects in Madagascar, Haiti and Nepal. That’s one new tree for every ring, necklace, bangle and any other products that are bought by her customers!

Every single piece of jewellery is made from recycled sterling silver; this is something which is very important to Daisy, she researched into the right materials for a long time to get it right.

We recently spoke to Daisy about her venture…

Hi Daisy, tell us why you decided to start making your lovely pieces of jewellery, what inspired you?

I started making jewellery when I was living in Canada! I’d busted my knee snowboarding half way through the season, so I suddenly had a lot of spare time which I spent at home designing and making small bracelets using wire, charms and beads. The mountain landscape around me inspired my designs – lots of colours and textures that reminded me of the snowy mountains and pretty lakes. As my designs developed, I wanted to know how to make the silver charms that I was using. I like to know the origin of the things that I buy and the story behind them, so I kind of naturally progressed to making silver pieces myself. When I returned back home to England I took a silversmith course and completely fell in love with the process of making my own silver jewellery, which is when DAISYV was born! 











My love for nature, the mountains and the ocean are still the inspirations behind my designs.

Where are you based?

I’m currently based in the South West English countryside, but am moving back to Canada in September. I’m excited to take DAISYV back to the mountains and continue this little adventure 🙂

What’s your favourite beach and why?

My favourite beach is Sandwood Bay in the Scottish Highlands! I first went here last summer with my boyfriend. We walked 5 miles across moorland, then stumbled across this completely deserted white sand beach, backed by huge sand dunes and lochs. I was completely blown away by its unspoilt beauty. Our planet is amazing!

thumbnail_IMG_8143 (1).jpg

Do you take part in any board sports?

I love snowboarding. It’s my love, my passion and inspiration so I’m excited to be back in Canada! I do surf, but not as often as I’d like and I could definitely improve! I’m planning a couple of surf trips to Cornwall this Summer.

Do you have a favourite artist?

Angus and Julia Stone 🙂

Where is the furthest you have sent your jewellery to a customer?

I love sending my jewellery abroad! The furthest is New Zealand. I actually lived there for 6 months so it has a special place in my heart!

What music do you tend to listen to whilst making jewellery?

I really love folk music, so I usually listen to indie-folk playlists whilst I’m working. It relaxes me and seems to bring out my creativity.


What is your favourite piece you’ve made and why?

Each piece I make has meaning to me, but my favourite are the bespoke wedding rings I made for my sister and brother-in-law. I felt so honoured that they wanted me to make such special pieces.

Do you have anything exciting in the pipeline for us?

I have a new collection coming up, using raw, natural stones which I’m really excited about. I’m also expanding the DAISYV brand – I’m currently working on some limited edition tees for Summer, which will be eco-friendly and responsibly made!

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Follow Daisy on instagram @daisyvjewellery

view all of her products here:


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