Cowork Surf


Surfing and co-working; is it love? 

Did you know that simply being in the sea does wonders for your mental health? You’re basically breathing in a happy chemical, triggered by the charged ions found in the atmosphere around turbulent water!

I actually worried myself the other day when I realised how completely obsessed I am with surfing! My life revolves around it, it just makes me so happy, I can’t help it!

But why?

For many of us, surfing keeps us alive, I personally wouldn’t be able to survive without spending time in the ocean, there is something so freeing about it, I instantly forget about everything onshore and become totally immersed in the sea. Not only is it great exercise but catching an unbroken wave, popping up and feeling the gliding, bumpy face of a wave is just incredible; nothing compares to that feeling, I alter into an atmospheric state, completely focussing on my surroundings.

So, it’s clear that surfing is a great distraction, and it has been proven that productivity and motivation are enhanced with distractions. Surfing elevates levels of endorphins and dopamine which triggers a part of the brain that makes us feel happy; surfing in the sunshine in perfect waves triggers this part of the brain even more, that’s probably why surfers are forever hunting for warm water surf destinations!

In my eyes, there’s no better sport in the universe to combine with working; ‘Surf Stoke’ lasts for a long time even after a session and you’re onshore; it helps us to feel more relaxed, calm and motivated to tackle work with more of an open mind and a boost in creativity. If something is stressing you out with a particular project you’re working on, get out and go for a surf, come back ready to tackle your task list!

But what if you don’t have access to the beach? Plan a CoWorkSurf trip of course!

CoworkSurf run co-living, coworking and surfing retreats all over the world and are currently in Sagres, Portugal! Check out their website for locations, dates and information! I can’t wait to visit so I can combine my freelance content writing work with surfing in the sunshine! Coworksurf have a pop up villa retreat in July which looks insane!

‘We have created a space for people who value both community and a passion for outdoor activities like surfing. We like to connect people on similar wavelengths and provide them with a space and other people that can inspire them to be as productive or chilled as they’re hoping to be at any given time.’ Joe Sharp, CEO of Coworksurf

Happy mind, happy working, happy surfing!

Book your coworksurf trip now! Email



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